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Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I wanted to get back into it by sharing how I decorated our front porch for fall this year. We bought our first house this past spring, and it has the front porch of my dreams! I’ve always wanted a porch to decorate for all of the seasons and holidays. It’s the perfect way to welcome guests to our home.

As always, I am keeping things simple and budget friendly, so I hope you will enjoy my tips and tricks!

I started by adding a few pieces to frame the front door. I had a wood crate that I picked up at Michael’s for $10 a couple of years ago (you can find them there at any time of the year), and an outdoor lantern from Target. I like to use flameless candles with these lanterns.

Trader Joe’s has the prettiest pumpkins called Fantasy Pumpkins. They come in a bunch of different colors (light and dark orange, white, and green) and they are $6.99. I set one of these inside my wood crate.

I love the look of mums in a basket, and I found this great basket at HomeGoods, but it was just a little too deep for the mums that I picked up. A quick hack is to stack wood blocks inside the basket until it’s the right height for your flowers or plant. I also picked up a small mum from Home Depot for an extra pop of color.

For the other side of the door, I added another lantern, a small straw bale from Home Depot, and a big green pumpkin. Whenever I am decorating, I like to add levels to keep it interesting, so I thought it would be fun to stack two of the fantasy pumpkins.

You all know I am a DIY fanatic, so I had to include at least one DIY in my decorating. I’ve seen a lot of tall wood signs that have a cute fall phrase or just simply the word “fall” so I decided to create my own, very simple version of this. To start, I picked up a wood board from Home Depot, this one was the perfect size already. I measured the length and divided it by 4 (since there are 4 letters in the word fall) and made a line across my board at each of those points. Then I measured in 2 inches from each side and used a level to connect the dots and draw a straight line. Basically I created a little box for each of my letters.

To create my letters, I used painter’s tape. I used the lines that I made as a guide to keep the letters straight. You don’t have to be exact with the length of tape, as you can go in afterward with a razor and cut off the excess.

Once you’ve got all of your letters laid out and sized, it’s time to paint. I use white spray paint and sprayed the entire board, making sure to focus on the area around each letter. Then simply peel off the tape to reveal your word. I love the height of this and how it complements the rest of my decor.

We have some great natural wood Adirondack chairs on the other side of the porch. I think they’re so cozy and comfortable, but I wanted to up the comfort level even more. To do this, I added a wool throw blanket and some cushy fall pillows. Real talk, I don’t keep these outside 24/7 because even though our porch is protected from the rain, there are spiders and other creepy crawlies that I’d prefer to keep off of these particular items. Moral of the story, I bring these out when we’re hanging out out here or when we have guests coming over.

To finish this side off, I added another pot of colorful mums.

more mums.jpg

I just love this transformation, check out the before and after!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I decorated my porch for fall this year, and maybe it inspired you to do something similar at your home! You can do any variation of this even if you don’t have a porch. It’s always fun to add a few pieces around your door to welcome you home each day. Happy Fall!